Welcome to this fabulous beach resort condo association, the Mid Mari, where you and your loved ones can come enjoy it for as long as you’d like. You can relax by the heated pool, grill on our barbecues, or even walk to the Pompano Beach within minutes. There is a laundry facility on grounds and you get a spot to park in plus there are guest spots too! Our community is tight nit. It is very cozy and everyone makes each other feel like they are at home. Some are at home too! It is always being updated and the grounds are well maintained. Someone is always there to help if there is ever a problem.

In addition to all that, there is the Intracostal only a 1/2 block walk West and the newly renovated Atlantic Boulevard is just 13 blocks South. The Pompano Beach Promenade which was just refurbished is only minutes away too with a picnic area at your footsteps along with a playground right there too. There are public bathrooms and barbecues, a shaded area to relax in, workout equipment, and a long beach for you to enjoy! What else could you ask for! Besides all that, there are plenty of restaurants and entertainment around the area too!

The Mid Mari is everything your heart can truly desire. Besides all the amenities the grounds have to offer, each resort within the whole resort is unique in itself, having it’s own sense of style and offering different packages too. You will always get everything you need when you book your stay here at the Mid Mari or even purchase one of these fabulous condos too if one is for sale. You will truly be satisfied whichever way you are a part of these incredible resorts.

If you are able to be a part of the Mid Mari, you will not regret it.

Whether you buy a condo here at the Mid Mari, or stay at one of these resorts, the Mid Mari is the place to be! Make sure you don’t miss out!

Book or buy now here at the Mid Mari!


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